Notifications about destinations

TripCare will send an email to travellers going to certain countries so that they are informed on travel safety matters, including information about embassies, consulates, destination entry requirements, vaccine information, currency rules, health conditions, etc.
The company and the agency may add customised information for the destination, such as: local addresses, city – airport transfers recommended by the company, recommended restaurants, discounts in different established as a member of the company, local addresses and telephone numbers of the local agency, and images, attached files, etc.

You can also check if the user has seen these notifications.


TripCare provides access to pre-determined reports allowing you to know at all times where your travellers are, each traveller’s safety, which airport they are at or flight they are taking, etc.

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Smart destinations

TripCare provides access to reports allowing you to know at all times where your travellers are, among other information. This module can be fully integrated in the Intranet of your agency or corporation.
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